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See in the European chapter web the workshop on that subject prior to
AoIR conference.
See also on the development gateway the section on IT evaluation.
What are you after?
Sorry just back from ASIS&T Annual and tired
Best regards

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 6:56:34 AM, you wrote:

TJK> ---Please Help:

TJK> About two months ago a new book, anthology or index of global ICT measurements,
TJK> indices or indicators was advertised on the SIGMETRICS listserve.
TJK> Unfortunately, I deleted the particular message and would appreciate
TJK> any reminder as to the name of the author and/or actual title of the book.

TJK> Any help/advice you can provide is highly appreciated.

TJK> Thank you,

TJK> Thomas J. Kidenda
TJK> PhD. Candidate
TJK> University of North,Texas.

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