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Isidro F. Aguillo isidro at CINDOC.CSIC.ES
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Sorry, the first book has a different title as corrected here. As a
bonus here is the address of the Map of Science by the same research group:

In the last weeks two monographs about cybermetrics has been published
in Spain. Unfortunately both titles are available only in Spanish but at
least one of them is free to download.

-Fundamentos y técnicas cibermetricas
Cristina Faba Perez, Vicente P. Guerrero Bote, Felix de Moya Anegón
84-96212-17-3 214 pages

Available FREE from

- Cibermetría: nuevas técnicas de estudio aplicables al Web.
José L. Alonso Berrocal, Carlos G. Figueroa, Ángel F. Zazo
84-9704-114-3 208 pages

23 € (

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