Franses PH "From first submission to citation: an empirical analysis" Statistica Neerlandica 56(4):497-510, 2002

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TITLE : From first submission to citation: an empirical analysis

AUTHOR: Philip Hans Franses

JOURNAL: Statistica Neerlandica 56(4):497-510, 2002

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The academic publication process consists of al least two stages. The first
stage covers the conception of a paper, its submission to a journal,
possible revisions due to comments made by (anonymous) reviewers, and
acceptance of the manuscript, among other aspects. The second stage
concerns the eventual publication of the paper and its academic life-cycle,
which is usually measured by a citation score. Next to describing this
process in some detail, this paper describes the results of an empirical
analysis of a database which includes data on a range of aspect of the
publication process. Descriptive statistics give insights as to how long it
takes (on average) before the editor returns to the author with the
reviews, and also how long it takes for the editor to make a final decision
on acceptance, based on a revised manuscript. Econometric models are used
to see if, for example, the number of pages, the number of pages, the
number of authors, and the number of previous rejections have an impact on
these times. Also, it is examined if a special issue makes a difference.
Finally, it is studied if the editorial process and observable properties
of the paper have any effect on the number of citations, which can be seen
as a measure of quality.

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