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The December 2003 (Volume 22, Number 4) issue of Information Technology and
Libraries is a special issue dedicated to the bibliomining process, or the
combination of data warehousing, data mining, and bibliometrics in libraries to
aid decision-making and understanding of library use.

The issue is currently available in print, and can also be viewed through
several full-text bibliographic databases such as Wilson Select Plus, and
ProQuest - ABI-Inform.

Here are the articles in this special issue:

Guest Editorial: Introduction to this Special Issue on the Bibliomining Process
by Scott Nicholson.

The Bibliomining Process: Data Warehousing and Data Mining for Library
Decision-Making by Scott Nicholson.

Mining User Communities in Digital Libraries by Christos Papatheodorou,
Sarantos Kapidakis, Michalis Sfakakis, and Alexandra Vassiliou.

Matching Subject Portals with the Research Environment by Irene Wormell.

An Architecture for Behavior-Based Library Recommender Systems by Andreas
Geyer-Schulz, Andreas Neumann, and Anke Thede.

Traces in the Clickstream: Early Work on a Management Information Repository at
the University of Pennsylvania by Joe Zucca.

Study of the Use of The Carlos III University of Madrid Library's Online
Database Service in Scientific Endeavor by Carlos A. Suárez-Balseiro, Isabel
Iribarren-Maestro, and Elías Sanz Casado.

Mapping the Output of Topical Searches in The Web of Knowledge and The Case of
Watson-Crick by Eugene Garfield, A. I. Pudovkin, And V. S. Istomin.

More information about bibliomining can be found at

Scott Nicholson, Assistant Professor
Syracuse University School of Information Studies

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