Hoefer ML, Warnick E, Knapp TJ "Contributions to the history of psychology: CXV11. Who's Who in American Psychology: A Citation Study of Introductory Psychology Textbooks" Psychol Rep. 93(1):186-190 August 2003

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Tue Jun 15 13:53:21 EDT 2004

Terry J. Knapp : terryk at unlv.edu

AUTHOR   :  Hoefer ML, Warnick E, Knapp TJ
TITLE    :  Contributions to the history of psychology: CXVII. Who's who in

            American psychology: A citation study of introductory
            psychology textbooks
JOURNAL  :  PSYCHOL REP 93 (1): 186-190 AUG 2003

SUMMARY  :  The author indexes of 15 introductory psychology textbooks were
surveyed to identify the authorities cited most frequently.  The five names
cited most often in descending order were Freud, Bandura, Skinner, Piaget,
and James.  Differences from earlier comparable citation studies are discussed.

 Cited Author            Cited Work                Volume      Page   Year

 ATKINSON RL           HILGARDS INTRO PSYCH                            2000
 BERNSTEIN DA          ESSENTIALS PSYCHOL                              1999
 COON D                ESSENTIALS PSYCHOL                              2000
 CREWS F               MEMORY FREUDS LEGACY                            1995
 GORENFLO DW           TEACH PSYCHOL                 18         8      1991
 GRIGGS RA             TEACH PSYCHOL                 29       203      2002
 HAGGBLOOM SJ          REV GEN PSYCHOL                6       139      2002
 KAESS WA              AM PSYCHOL                     9       144      1954
 KALAT JW              INTRO PSYCHOL                                   1999
 KASSIN S              PSYCHOLOGY                                      2001
 KNAPP TJ              TEACH PSYCHOL                 12        15      1985
 LAHEY BB              PSYCHOL INTRO                                   2001
 LEFTON LA             PSYCHOLOGY                                      2000
 MACMILLAN M           FREUD EVALUATED COMP                            1991
 MATLIN MW             PSYCHOLOGY                                      1999
 MYERS DG              EXPLORING PSYCHOL                               2001
 NAIRNE JS             ADAPTIVE MIND                                   2000
 NISSIMSABAT D         TEACH PSYCHOL                 16        74      1989
 PERLMAN D             AM PSYCHOL                    35       104      1980
 PLOTNIK R             INTRO PSYCHOL                                   1999
 RATHUS SA             ESSENTIALS PSYCHOL                              2001
 ROECKBLEIN JE         DICT THEORIES LAWS C                            1998
 ROECKELEIN JE         PSYCHOL REP                   78       243      1996
 ROECKELEIN JE         PSYCHOL REP                   77       163      1995
 SMITH EE              FUNDAMENTALS PSYCHOL                            2001
 STERNBERG RJ          PSYCHOL SEARCH HUMAN                            2001

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