Pearce FR. Citation measures and impact within astronomy / Astrpmp,u & Geophysics 45(2):15-17 Apr 2004

Eugene Garfield garfield at CODEX.CIS.UPENN.EDU
Tue Jun 15 13:28:50 EDT 2004

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TITLE    Citation measures and impact within astronomy

AUTHOR   Pearce FR


By using the inbuilt citation counts from NASA's astrophysics data system
(ADS) I derive how many citations refereed articles receive as a function of
time since publication.  After five years, one paper in a hundred has
accumulated 91 or more citations, a figure which rises to 145 citations
after 10 years. By adding up the number of citations active researchers have
received over the past five years, I have estimated their relative impact
upon the field both for  raw citations and citations weighted by the inverse
of the number of authors per paper.

 Cited Author            Cited Work                Volume      Page    Year

  ABT HA                PASP                          93       207      1981
  AHMAD QR              PHYS REV LETT                 87                2001

  ANDERS E              GEOCHIM COSMOCHIM AC          53       197      1989
  BONDI H               MON NOT R ASTRON SOC         104       273      1944
  CHANDRASEKHAR S       REV MOD PHYS                  15         1      1943
  DRAINE BT             ASTROPHYS J                  285        89      1984
  FREEDMAN WL           ASTROPHYS J 1                553        47      2001
  KURTZ MJ              IN PRESS J AM SOC IN                            2004
  KURUCZ RL             ASTROPHYS J SUPPL             40         1      1979
  LANDOLT AU            ASTRON J                     104       340      1992
  PEARCE FR             MON NOT R ASTRON SOC         317      1029      2000
  SANCHEZ SF            IN PRESS ASTRON NACH                            2004
  SAVAGE BD             ANNU REV ASTRON ASTR          17        73      1979

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