Moser PL, Hauffe H, Lorenz IH, Hager M, Tiefenthaler W, Lorenz HM, Mikuz G, Soegner P, Kolbitsch C. "Publication output in telemedicine during the period January 1964 to July 2003" Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 10(2):72-77 2004

Michel J. Menou Michel.Menou at WANADOO.FR
Wed Jul 7 08:06:55 EDT 2004

Tuesday, July 6, 2004, 9:59:39 PM, Quentin Burrell wrote:

QLB> Gene

QLB> Thanks for bringing this to our attention but, at the risk of sounding
QLB> ungrateful, it is not a paper that I will pursue. My reaction to the
QLB> "findings" is - "So what? Where is the mention of BigMac consumption?"
Actually one might find a correlation between the consumption of
BigMac's and the inflation of national pride, or the number of
self-citations :-)

QLB> (Maybe there were some interesting hypotheses being tested, but these are
QLB> not stated.)
May be they are spelled out in the paper (assuming the comments were
prompted by reading of the abstract)
In any case, I feel that a ponderation of the "country" factor through
a number of relevant coefficients that prevent San Marin to be treated as
equal to China, with no offense to either countries, is a practice that
might be worth generalizing.


Michel Menou

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