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>Author(s): Helen ZHANG
>Title  :   Foreseeing the Prospects of China’s Scientific and Technical
>           Periodicals from the Output of Chinese and Foreign Scientific
>           and Technical Articles
>Author(s) : (1) ZHANG Yuehong(Helen) ; (2) QI Zhiying
>Source    :A Report in The 12th Conference of the International
>           Federation of Science Editors in 2004 (12th-IFSE in Mexico)
>Does a country’s publication of excellent international recognized science
>and technology (S&T) articles have any relation to its status as a giant in
>S&T? And how to grow concern about the health of the country’s scientific
>publications and how to strengthen the dissemination of scientific
>information? These questions need the attention of the government and
>science journal editors. Some help in answering some these questions can be
>gained by comparing some existing data: (1) The exponential growth of
>scientific publications has paralleled to the development of the science
>and education for the last two hundred years in the world. (2) World S&T
>article output increased by almost 40 percent from 1988 to 2001, and has
>been largely driven by growth in Western Europe, Japan, and several
>emerging East Asian S&T centers (South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan region, and
>China). (3) The output of academic articles in China over the past six
>years grew in parallel to the input of science and technology. Relevant
>data shows that the Chinese authors’ S&T papers collected by SCI grew at
>an average rate of 19 per cent each year from 1997 to 2002. The ratio of
>scientific and technological input to China’s gross domestic product (GDP)
>in the past six years (1997-2002) increased at an average rate of 0.92 per
>cent. And over the last 14-year period S&T article output rose almost 5-
>fold in China but on a per capita output basis of worldwide trends in S&T
>article output, China remains well below the world average. Through a
>market survey of Chinese & foreign scientific publications and market
>demand and in the view of Chinese high ratio of R&D investment to GDP, the
>authors foresee bright prospects for Chinese scientific and technical
>periodicals in the future and also offer some suggestions to achieve these
>Key words: Scientific journals, Publication market, Output of academic
>Address:  ZHANG Yuehong( Helen),managing editor
>          Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE
>          20 Yugu Road, Hangzhou 310027, China
>          http://www.zju.edu.cn/jzus     jzus at zju.edu.cn

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