Hasbrouck LM, Taliano J, Hirshon JM, Dannenberg AL "Use of epidemiology in clinical medical publications, 1983-1999: A citation analysis" AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY 157 (5). MAR 1 2003.p.399-408 OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC, CARY

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TITLE:          Use of epidemiology in clinical medical publications,
                1983-1999: A citation analysis (Article, English)

AUTHOR:         Hasbrouck, LM; Taliano, J; Hirshon, JM; Dannenberg, AL

                p.399-408 OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC, CARY

ABSTRACT:       Epidemiologists respond to the information needs of
health professionals. Although medical professionals are routine users of
epidemiologic information, use within medical specialties varies remarkably.
To explore the variation in use of epidemiologic information across clinical
medical specialties, the authors examined the scientific literature by
analyzing patterns of citation of specific journal articles to and by the
American Journal of Epidemiology (AJE). A total of 178,396 journal citations
to and 126,478 citations by AJE were made from 1983 through 1999; citations
were classified according to the subject category of the referencing or
referenced journal. Clinical medical journals accounted for 50.6% of all
citations combined (both referenced to and referenced by AJE);
general/internal medicine (17.9%), cancer (10.4%), and cardiovascular (4.9%)
journals had the highest number of citations. Few citations to and by AJE
were found in publications specializing in dermatology, gastroenterology,
orthopedics, allergy, anesthesiology, surgery, rheumatology, and other
areas. Trend patterns of citations between clinical and epidemiologic
literature indicated that citations to the fields of cardiovascular disease
and cancer are increasing, whereas citations regarding pediatrics have
remained stable. This analysis suggests an increasing interchange of
information between epidemiologists and clinicians specializing in certain
fields, uncovering potential research opportunities for epidemiologists.

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