Gaillard J. "Overcoming the scientific generation gap in Africa: an urgent priority" Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 28(1):15-25 March 2003

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The author uses ISI's database for 1957-2001 and PASCAL 1991-1997 (p.17) to
plot publications in 15 African countries.

TITLE    Overcoming the scientific generation gap in Africa:
         an urgent priority

AUTHOR   Gaillard J


Document type: Article     Language: English     Cited References: 17
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Based on recently completed studies,this paper attempts to provide a
realistic picture of the scientific profession in Africa today. Activities
in science and technology (S&T) have gone through a process of
institutionalisation and professionalisation in Africa over the last thirty
years, but,these efforts have not been sufficient to create a sustainable
dynamic of scientific production or of regeneration of national scientific
communities. The situation today is critical, with S&T systems and the
working environments of scientists deteriorating in many countries. While
institutional mechanisms such as centres of excellence and S&T diasporas
can, under certain conditions, contribute to the regionalisation and
internationalisation of African science, they will never substitute for the
weaknesses of national research systems. In the battle for sustainable
development in Africa, nothing will replace home grown scientific
capacities, and it is high time for the conditions for their renewal to be
created. The results of empirical studies discussed in this article not only
provide a vivid picture of the present day conditions of the scientific
profession on the African continent, they also contribute to a diagnosis of
the situation as one of political urgency.

Gaillard J, IFS, Stockholm, Sweden
IFS, Stockholm, Sweden
IRD, Paris, France


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