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TITLE    International publishing in anaesthesia - how do different
         countries contribute?

AUTHOR   Figueredo E, Perales GS, Blanco FM

         47 (4): 378-382 APR 2003

Document type: Article     Language: English     Cited References: 19
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Background: The evaluation of the international distribution in biomedicine
research is a subject that creates expectations. This study assesses the
recent evolution of world-wide distribution of research in the
anaesthesiology field and discusses some of the possible factors which could
give rise to changes in the interpretation of absolute results.

Methods: A search on Medline was run to obtain the source country of the
journal articles (with abstract) from 10 important anaesthesia journals in
the 1997-2001 period. The data were analysed and standardized to journal
impact factor values of each publication and population size. Annual
evolution in the number of publications in the countries with the largest
scientific production was analysed. Furthermore, the distribution of
articles by country of origin was studied for each journal.

Results: The 9724 publications came from 65 countries. In absolute numbers,
the USA leads research in anaesthesiology (24.4%). The evaluation of the
contribution of the more productive countries revealed a progressive
increase in the German contribution (from 5.1% to 9.4%) and a decrease in
the American contribution (from 28.6% to 21.8%) over the 5 years analysed.
In relative terms, Finland, Sweden and Denmark were the most productive
countries per million inhabitants (8.8, 7.2 and 6 publications/year,

Conclusion: The geographic distribution of the publications on
anaesthesiology must not only be analysed in absolute numbers, where the USA
is the most productive. The North-European countries show the largest
production/number of inhabitants ratio; whereas the largest percentage
increase during the period is found in Germany.

"CONCLUSION copied from page 382..
It was concluded that USA is the world leader in anaesthesiology, calculated
as the total number of publications.  Germany is the country with the
greatest increase in scientific production in recent years.  Geographical
distribution of the scientific production must, however, not only be
analysed in absolute terms, it also ought to be evaluated in relation to
otber variables, such as financial spending on research and development or
number of inhabitants.  In this respect, Finland has the best publication /
population ratio.  "

Author Keywords:
anesthesia : journals, Information science, publications, manuscripts

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Figueredo E, Ps Palmeral,4 Edf Capri,6-C, Aguadulce 04720, Almeria, Spain
Torrecardenas Hosp, Dept Anaesthesia, Almeria, Spain


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