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Title     The numbers makers: Fifty years of science and technology
          official statistics
Author    Godin B
Journal   MINERVA 40 (4): 375-397 2002

 Document type: Review   Language: English
 Cited References: 114   Times Cited: 0

Official science and technology statistics are fifty years old. Among
industrial countries, the forerunners were the United States, Canada and
Great Britain. This paper traces the development and the construction of S&T
statistics in these three countries, and their subsequent standardization,
mainly by the OECD, in the 1960s. It shows how military and science policy
needs drove the construction of statistics, until economic considerations
came to dominate their development. It also discusses how statistics
interacted with politics by way of studies that documented gaps between OECD
Member countries and between the OECD and the USSR.

Godin B, Univ Quebec, Inst Natl Rech Sci, 3465 Rue Durocher, Montreal, PQ
H2X 2C6, Canada
Univ Quebec, Inst Natl Rech Sci, Montreal, PQ H2X 2C6, Canada


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