Davis & Wilson (2003) Research Contributions in Ophthalmology: Australia's productivity

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These 2 items on research productivity in the field of ophthalmology are
published in an issue of Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology (CEO), a
journal that listserv readers may not come readily across in searching for
informetric studies. The first is a research paper, the second the
editorial.  The editor points out that some important issues are raised in
the paper and he goes on to speculate about underlying trends, possible
causes and consequences for Australian research.

1. Davis, M. and Wilson, C.S. (2003) Research contributions in
ophthalmology: Australia's productivity. Clinical and Experimental
Ophthalmology, 31(4): 286-293. ISSN 1442-6404
Author Affiliation:
School of Information Systems, Technology and Management, The Bibliometric
& Informetric Research Group, University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW,
In 2000, the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Ophthalmology (ANZJO)
changed title to Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology. At this time, a
review of Australia's contributions to the literature over the previous 21
years appears timely. Bibliometric indicators are used extensively to
assess research performance; they offer views of a field that might not
otherwise be apparent. We explore publication output data to construct a
picture of ophthalmology that may be of benefit to researchers and
Methods: Science Citation Index and Social Sciences Citation Index were
used to collate data on ophthalmology research literature from 1980 to
2000. The paper focuses particularly on Australia's contribution to this
literature, including publication frequency vis-à-vis the world,
collaboration, and the journals in which Australian researchers frequently
publish. Comparison is also made for other countries of similar scientific
stature or language.
Results: Since 1980, Australia has ranked in the top ten nations
contributing to world research. Its contribution was close to world average
in the 1980s, but increasing numbers of researchers and papers show
Australia exceeding the world average during the 1990s. Most collaboration
by Australians is within Australia. Although fewer in numbers,
collaborative papers with overseas researchers include 28 other countries.
Data on the journals in which Australians publish show that Australians
continue to publish in its own regional journal.
Conclusions: This paper, one of a series on the literature of the vision
sciences, provides some initial benchmarks on Australia's standing and
contribution to the field of Ophthalmology.
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2. Editorial: McMenamin, Paul G.(2003)Looking into the mirror: research
productivity in Australian ophthalmology. Clinical & Experimental
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Author Affiliation: School of Anatomy and Human Biology, University of
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