Clements & Wang "Who cites what? Economic Record 79, 2003

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Subscribers may be interested to know about this article that was published
in June this year in an Australian journal, "The Economic Record".

Clements, K. W. and Wang, P. (2003) Who cites what? Economic Record, 79

Abstract: The paper analyses citations in the work of a large number of PhD
students. We show that the pattern of citations of journal articles, books,
and other reference material differs substantially across areas within
economics. An investigation of reciprocal citations reveals a surprisingly
low degree of communication among Group of Eight universities [see note
below: the top ranked research universities in Australia] and a high
propensity to cite authors from the same institution, especially
supervisors. We also analyse the Australian share of cited works, and
identify journals, articles and authors that PhD students value highly.

Author Affiliation: Economic Research Centre, Department of Economics, The
University of Western Australia, Western Australia, Australia

Note: The Go8 universities include: The University of Adelaide, South
Australia; Australian National University, Canberra, ACT; University of
Melbourne, Victoria,; Monash University, Clayton, Victoria; University of
New South Wales, Sydney, NSW; University of Queensland, Brisbane, Qld;
University of Sydney, NSW; and University of Western Australia, Perth, WA.
For more information about the work of the Group of Eight universities,

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