Difficulty in Accessing the Chinese ISSI-2003 Website

Mari Davis M.Davis at UNSW.EDU.AU
Tue Oct 22 01:31:10 EDT 2002

Dear Colleagues,
Re: The Call for Papers, 9th International Conference on Scientometrics &
Informetrics, Beijing, August 2003. Deadline for Submission - 31st October

It appears that many people have found difficulties in accessing the
ISSI-2003 Website for the Beijing Conference on Scientometrics &
Informetrics. Those wishing to submit their extended abstracts (1000 words
plus References) for review before the close of the deadline of October
31st 2002, may send them as an email attachment direct to the ISSI-2003
Program Chair, Prof. Ronald Rousseau.
Ronald Rousseau's email address is: Ronald Rousseau
<ronald.rousseau at pandora.be>

When submitting your abstracts via email, please include the following
information in your message:
Your full name; your institutional affiliation; the full physical address
of your institution; your email address; telephone and Fax numbers where
you can be reached if necessary.

Once Ronald has received your abstract submission, he will acknowledge that
your attachment was received in good order.  If you do not get a response
from Ronald within 10 days of your sending it, then you might enquire via
email as to whether your submission was received in good order. But -
please, give him some time to respond and do not bombard him with
unnecessary emails, since he will surely have his work cut out to respond
to everyone who submits at the last possible minute!!!

Best wishes to everyone concerned,
Yours sincerely
Mari Davis
ISSI President

Mari Davis PhD
John Metcalfe Research Fellow
BIRG, Bibliometric & Informetric Research Group
The University of New South Wales
Quadrangle Level 2
Sydney NSW 2052 Australia
m.davis at unsw.edu.au
Tel: +61 2 9385 7127

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