ISSI Conference in China, 2003

Ronald Rousseau ronald.rousseau at KH.KHBO.BE
Tue Oct 22 01:17:49 EDT 2002

Dear Chaomei,

We use a two-step procedure: based on the abstracts it is decided who will
give an oral presentation and who will present a poster; then among those
giving an oral presentation, some (read most) are chosen - based on the full
paper - to be included in the conference proceedings.

So, I am afraid you will have to submit an abstract (but I do not mind if you
are a bit late, or a bit vague).

Best regards,



> Hi,
> I am planning to submit a paper to ISSI. Is it necessary to submit an
> extended abstract if my aim is to include the paper in the
> conference proceedings and present the paper at the conference? Should
> I
> just submit the full paper by January 15, 2003 without submitting an
> extended abstract by Nov 1?
> Thanks,
> Chaomei Chen

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