Paladugu R, Schein M, Gardezi S, Wise L "One hundred citation classics in general surgical journals" WORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY 26 (9): 1099-1105 SEP 2002

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Title    One hundred citation classics in general surgical journals
Author   Paladugu R, Schein M, Gardezi S, Wise L
Journal  WORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY  26 (9): 1099-1105 SEP 2002

 Document type: Article    Language: English
 Cited References: 8       Times Cited: 0

The number of times an article is cited in scientific journals reflects its
impact on a specific biomedical field or specialty and reflects the impact
of the authors' creativity. Our objective was to identify, and analyze the
characteristics of the 100 most frequently cited articles published in
journals dedicated to general surgery and its close subspecialties. Using
the database (1945-1995) of the Science Citation Index of the Institute for
Scientific Information. 1500 articles cited 100 times and more were
identified and the top 100 articles selected for further analysis. The 100
articles were published between 1931 and 1990. with more than two-thirds of
them published after 1960. The mean number of citations per article was 405,
(range 278-1013). Altogether, 84 of the articles originated from North
America (USA 78, Canada 6) and the UK (12). New York State led the list of
U.S. states with 14, and Harvard and Columbia University led the list of
institutions with 6 articles each. The 100 articles were published in 10
surgical journals led by the Annals of Surgery (n = 40), followed by Surgery
(n = 15), Archives of Surgery (n = 12), Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics
(n = 11), and British Journal of Surgery (n = 10).

A total of 86 of the articles reported clinical experiences, 6 were clinical
review articles, and 14 dealt with basic science. Eighteen articles reported
a new surgical technique and six a prosthetic device. Gastrointestinal
surgery and trauma and critical care led the list of the surgical fields,
each with 25 articles, followed by vascular surgery (n = 15). Thirty-four
persons authored two or more of the top-cited articles. This list of the
top-cited papers identifies seminal contributions and their originators,
facilitating the understanding and discourse of modern surgical history and
offering surgeons hints about what makes a contribution a "top-cited
classic," To produce such a "classic" the surgeon and his or her group must
come up with a clinical or nonclinical innovation, observation, or discovery
that has a long-standing effect on the way we practice-be it operative or
nonoperative. Based on our findings, to be well cited such a contribution
should be published in the English language in a high-impact journal.
Moreover, it is more likely to resonant loudly if it originates from a North
American or British "ivory tower."

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