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UNESCO Institute for Statistics launches international consultation on
Science and Technology policy priorities and information needs

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), jointly with the UNESCO Division
of Science Analysis and Policy, has launched an international consultation
aimed at assessing science and technology policy priorities and information
needs among the Member States and the international community.

The international consultation is carried out in the framework of a
fundamental review of science and technology statistics and indicators in
the world. The review aims at helping UNESCO to identify the policy
information needs in science and technology, which are of greatest priority
in different parts of the world. An additional focus of the review will be
to define the strategy, which should be adopted to improve the relevance,
availability and quality of science and technology statistics especially in
developing countries. The ultimate goal is to revitalize efforts at both the
international and national levels to build science and technology
statistical systems that are highly responsive to policy information needs,
and to strengthen the UIS's role in stimulating and facilitating this
revitalization process, especially through its standard setting and
information dissemination functions.

The main tool of this consultation is a questionnaire, intended above all
for science policy-makers and persons who are either directly involved in or
advising on science policies at the national and/or international levels.
Members of the scientific community who are knowledgeable about science
policies and development issues may also wish to respond to this
questionnaire and contribute to the consultation process.

The questionnaire, as well as the background paper accompanying the
consultation entitled: ‘Science and Technology Statistics and Indicators in
Developing Countries: Perspectives and Challenges’ are available as from 1
October 2002 on the UIS Website at <http://www.uis.unesco.org/>.  A
significant number of responses to this questionnaire are expected by 10
November 2002.

For any questions regarding the Consultation Process, or any other
information about the UNESCO Institute for Statistics S&T Indicators
Programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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