Langfeldt L " The decision-making constraints and processes of grant peer review,and their effects on the review outcome" SOCIAL STUDIES OF SCIENCE 31 (6): 820-841 DEC 2001

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TITLE The decision-making constraints and processes of grant peer review,
        and their effects on the review outcome
AUTHOR Langfeldt L

Document type: Article
Language: English
Cited References: 24
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When distributing grants, research councils use peer expertise as a
guarantee for supporting the best projects. However, there are no clear
norms for assessments, and there may be a large variation in what criteria
reviewers emphasize - and how they are emphasized. The determinants of peer
review may therefore be accidental, in the sense that who reviews what
research and how reviews are organized may determine outcomes.

This paper deals with how the review process affects the outcome of grant
review. The case study considers the procedures of
The Research Council of Norway, which practises several different
grant-review models, and consequently is especially suited
for explorations of the implications of different models. Data sources are
direct observation of panel meetings, interviews with panel members and
study of applications and review documents.

A central finding is that rating scales and budget restrictions are more
important than review guidelines for the kind of criteria
applied by the reviewers. The decision-making methods applied by the review
panels when ranking proposals are found to have
substantial effects on the outcome. Some ranking methods tend to support
uncontroversial and safe projects, whereas other
methods give better chances for scholarly pluralism and controversial

Author Keywords:
criteria, grant review practices, Norway, policy objectives, research

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Langfeldt L, NIFU, Norwegian Inst Studies Res & High Educ, Sci Policy
Studies Sect, Hegdenhaugsveien 31, N-0352 Oslo,
NIFU, Norwegian Inst Studies Res & High Educ, Sci Policy Studies Sect,
N-0352 Oslo, Norway


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