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May I quote from "Introduction to Informetrics":


Price (1971,1976) states that, if there are N sources in a 'bibliography' then
the square root of N of the top sources will have 50% of the items. This
phenomenon is related to the occurrence of invisible colleges, i.e. the
hierarchical elites in fields. As it is with the 80/20 rule 'Price's law' too
is 'too simple', as was already shown by Allison et al. (1976) and Nicholls

Then follows the formulation and main results of the articles Leo Egghe and I
wrote about this.

On p.377 we further wrote:

Price's square root law is sometimes called 'Rousseau's law (J.J. not R.!) as
J.J. Rousseau mentions this explicitly in his 'Contrat Social' concerning the
size of the 'elite' ('elite' refers here to participating in the government).
More information about this early sociometric statement can be found in Zipf
(1949) and Rescher (1978).


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See also:
Glänzel, W. and Schubert, A. (1985). Price distribution. An exact formulation
of Price's 'square root law'. Scientometrics, 7, 211-219.

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