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"International Journals" 

The study is a comparative analysis of German-language LIS journals
(10 titles; citations counted manually for the volumes 1997 - 2000) and
"international" LIS journals (40 titles; data from ISI's SSCI JCR). For all
50 journals additionally a reader survey was done.

It follows an abstract of a planned English version of our study:
 In a scientometric analysis we describe international and regional (i.e. 
German language)
 journals in the field of library and information science and practice. Our 
aim is a comparative
 analysis of the results of a citation analysis and of a reader survey. Does 
reading behavior
 correlate to journal impact factors? Do readers prefer journals with short 
or long half-life, or
 with a low or high amount of references? Are there differences in reading 
behavior between
 academic scientists and practitioners? And, finally, can we see differences 
in using
 international and regional journals?
 We work with methods of citation analysis and with an expert survey. The 
utilized indicators
 of citation analysis are impact factor, citing half-life, references per 
article, and the rate of
 self-references of the journal. Additionally, we map clusters of the leading 
periodicals. For
 the description of 40 international journals we refer to the Social Sciences 
Citation Index
 Journal Citation Reports of ISI, for the 10 German language journals we 
manually counted
 the citations (1,494 source articles with 10,520 citations). All in all the 
empirical base of the
 citation analysis part consists of nearly 90,000 citations in 6,203 source 
articles of four
 publication years (1997 to 2000).
 The questionnaire surveys reading frequency, applicability of the journals 
to the job of the
 reader, publication frequency, and publication preferences both for all 
respondents and for
 limited groups (practitioners vs scientists, librarians vs documentalists vs 
 scientists, civil service vs information industry vs private company 
employees). The project
 makes full use of 257 questionnaires filled out by German speaking 
information specialists
 in spring 2002.

And this is the list of LIS journals (mc: manually counted)
01 ABI Technik (mc)
02 Annual Review of Information Science
03 ASLIB Proceedings
04 Bibliothek. Forschung und Praxis (mc)
05 Bibliotheksdienst  (mc)
06 BIT Online (mc)
07 Buch und Bibliothek (mc)
08 Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science
09 College and Research Libraries
10 E-Content (Database)
11 Electronic Library
12 Government Information Quarterly
13 Information Processing & Management
14 Information Society
15 Information Technology and Libraries
16 Interlending & Document Supply
17 International Journal of Information Management
18 Internationales Symposium für Informationswissenschaft (mc)
19 Internet World
20 Journal of Academic Librarianship
21 Journal of Documentation
22 Journal of Education for Library and Information Science
23 Journal of Government Information
24 Journal of Information Ethics
25 Journal of Information Science
26 Journal of Librarianship and Information Science
27 Journal of Scholary Publishing
28 Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
29 Knowledge Organization
30 Library & Information Science Research
31 Library Acquisitions
32 Library and Information Science / Mita Toshokan Gakkai kikan shi
33 Library Collections Acquisitions
34 Library Hi Tech
35 Library Journal
36 Library Quarterly
37 Library Resources & Technical Services
38 Library Trends
39 Libri
40 NfD. Information: Wissenschaft und Praxis (mc)
41 Online
42 Online Information Review (Online & CD-ROM Review)
43 Password (mc)
44 Proceedings of the ASIS Annual Meeting
45 Program
46 ProLibris (Mitteilungsblatt der Bibliotheken in NRW) (mc)
47 Reference & User Services Quarterly (RQ)
48 Scientometrics
49 Social Science Information / Information sur les sciences sociales
50 Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen und Bibliographie (mc)

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