Posner RA. "Public Intellectuals: A study of decline" pp.408 Harvard University Press, Cambridge MA. 2001

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Fri Dec 20 14:38:25 EST 2002

Title : Public Intellectuals : A study of decline
Author: Richard A. Posner

In 2001, Richard A. Posner published a book called "Public Intellectuals: A
study of decline" Harvard University Press.

Of particular interest to members of SIG-Metrics will be Table 5.1 published
on page 194-206 listing the most-cited public intellectuals and provides the
number of media mentions, web hits, and scholarly citations (1995-2000).

On page 200 the table includes summary statistics by field, top 100 public
officials by media mentions in ranked order from Henry Kissinger (12,570
media mentions) to George Stigler (1200 media mentions). George Stigler was
a Nobel Prize winner in Economics and had a special interest in

Table 5.4 includes 100 public intellectuals ranked by Scholarly Citations
Michel Foucault - 13,238 citations, Steven J. Gould - 4891citations, George
Stigler - 2056 citations, Amitai Etzioni - 1483 citations and Alfred Kinsey
- 778  citations.

The book costs $29.95 and is published by Harvard University Press,
Cambridge, MA.

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