Author's reference practices

Smith, Nathaniel Gene ngsmith at KU.EDU
Mon Dec 16 09:59:55 EST 2002


I stumbled across this LISTSERV as the result of a note found in the text of
Peritz and Bar-Ilan's (2002) recent paper. I am quite out of my discipline
of study and new to the list. I would greatly appreciate any tips, comments,
and suggestions to literature on the topic below.

I am currently working on a paper that involves a sort of reference analysis
of the published works by a single author. That is, for example, I
constructed a bibliography of author X, obtained copies of the published
works found within, and then documented and counted the number of times
author X referenced others as well as his own works throughout his over
60-year and 288-publication career.

I have been able to amass a large body of literature on citation and
reference analyses. However, in terms of the topic above, I was only able to
find one of particular relevance -- Stigler (1978).

Again, I would appreciate any suggestions.


Nate Smith

Peritz, B. C., & Bar-Ilan, J. (2002). The sources used by
bibliometrics-scientometrics as reflected in references. Scientometrics,
54(2), 269-284.

Stigler, S. M. (1978, June). Laplace's early work: Chronology and citations.
Isis, 69, 234-254.

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