IR Interaction 1992 by Peter Ingwersen now on PDF

Ingwersen Peter PI at DB.DK
Tue Dec 3 13:20:11 EST 2002

Dear Colleagues, I am happy to inform you all that I have made my monograph,
Information Retrieval Interaction, published 1992 by Taylor Graham (London),
available in PDF format in its original full text version. I have the
There are two versions: one for complete download; one for download on
chapter-by-chapter basis. Cut/paste is not available.
Please feel free to make use of it on:
Many regards - Yours Peter Ingwersen
Peter Ingwersen, Research Professor, Ph.D.
Department of Information Studies
Royal School of Library and Information Science
Birketinget 6 - DK 2300 Copenhagen S - Denmark
Fax: +45 32 84 02 01; Tlf: +45 32 58 60 66
E-mail: pi at
Docent, Visiting Professor at Åbo Akademi Univ.
Dept. of Information Studies, Finland

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