CFP: History & foundations of information science, at ASIS&T '03

Jonathan Furner jfurner at UCLA.EDU
Mon Dec 2 13:24:33 EST 2002

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ASIS&T SIG/HFIS -- the American Society for Information Science and
Technology's Special Interest Group on the History and Foundations of
Information Science -- invites proposals for technical panel sessions at the
society's next annual conference.

The deadline for submission of proposals to SIG/HFIS is ***January 13,
2003***. Proposals are invited both for full sessions, and for individuals'
participation in sessions.

ASIS&T 2003 will be held in Long Beach, CA, on October 20-23, 2003. The
conference theme is "Humanizing information technology: From ideas to bits
and back," and a full call for papers will be available shortly at The conference committee accepts submissions of three
major types: contributed papers; posters; and proposals for technical panel
sessions, which may be submitted through a sponsoring SIG.

Proposals for SIG/HFIS-sponsored technical panel sessions are invited in any
area of historical or theoretical interest, including (but in no sense
limited to) the following:

- politics of information
- history of documentation
- social epistemology
- history of visualization
- critical theory and information science
- history of bibliometrics
- pioneering women in information science
- history of classification
- philosophy of information
- history of scholarly communication

Proposals should be submitted by email to jfurner at no later than
January 13, 2003, and should include the following:

- a title;
- your name, address, telephone, fax, and email address;
- names and affiliations of presenters and any other session participants
(moderators, reactors, etc.) besides yourself; and
- a 500-word descriptive abstract of the session, or (if the proposal is for
a single individual's participation in a session) a 100-word abstract of
your proposed contribution.

Notification of acceptance of technical panel sessions will be made by the
ASIS&T conference committee by March 27, 2003. Camera-ready copy of a
two-page description of the session will then be due by May 15, 2003.

SIG/HFIS encourages and supports work on the history and theoretical
development of information science. It serves as a forum for the interaction
of all fields of study that have the potential for increasing the
understanding of the history, theories, fundamental concepts, and models of
information science, with the ultimate aim of improving information systems
and services. The range of topics of interest to SIG/HFIS members is very
broad: the group embraces philosophical, semiological, mathematical,
physical, biological, psychological and sociological disciplines, and its
members take historiographical, social, cultural, critical, and scientific
approaches (among others) to the study of people, events, documents, and

Jonathan Furner
Chair, SIG/HFIS (2002-03)

Jonathan Furner, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Information Studies
University of California, Los Angeles

Mail: 300 Young Drive North, Mailbox 951520, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1520
Tel: 310-825-5210  Fax: 310-206-4460  Email: jfurner at

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