Mahlck P. "Mapping gender differences in scientific careers in social and bibliometric space" Science Technology & Human Values 26(2):167-190 Spring 2001

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Paula Mählck
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency,
Department for research cooperation
SE- 105 25 Stockholm

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Title  Mapping gender differences in scientific careers in social
and bibliometric space
Author  Mahlck P
                                                    26 (2): 167-190 SPR 2001

 Document type: Article    Language: English
  Cited References: 38      Times Cited: 0

Despite a growing interest in gender differences in scientific careers, few
studies have focused an the impact of research organization on researchers.
This article
offers a new approach to this issue by introducing bibliometric maps
combined with sociological data and interviews, taking both the research
organization and the
experiences of the individual researcher into account. The results indicate
that gender blares operate at various levels of the research organization
and are often
imbedded in seemingly gender-neutral processes and practices in the everyday
working life of researchers.

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Mahlck P, Umea Univ, Dept Sociol, S-90187 Umea, Sweden


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Paula Mählck has been working at the department of Sociology at Umeå
University Sweden. Her main research interests lie within the field of
gender in higher education using a combination of sociological and
bibliometric methods. She is currently working as a Senior Research Officer
at the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Department for
research cooperation Paula Mählck previously published Socio-bibliometric
Mapping of intra-Departmental Networks in Scientometrics (2000)

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