ABS: Lok, Risk factors for citation errors in peer-reviewed nursing journals

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TITLE            Risk factors for citation errors in peer-reviewed nursing
AUTHOR        Lok CKW, Chan MTV, Martinson IM
JOURNAL      JOURNAL OF ADVANCED NURSING    34 (2): 223-229 APR 2001

 Document type: Article      Language: English      Cited References: 22
Times Cited: 0

Background. Citation errors are common among nursing journals. But, there
are no data regarding the factors that predispose
to these errors.

Objective. To determine the risk factors that predispose to citation error
in peer-reviewed nursing journals.

Methods. Five hundred and fifty references were selected randomly from
articles published in eleven nursing journals for the
year 1998. The incidences of major and minor citation errors were determined
by comparing with the original articles. The
relative odds of citation errors for the number of authors, collaborating
institutions and the length of the reference list were
calculated, The correlation between the scientific quality of the journal
(by means of journal impact factor and immediacy
index) and the incidence of citation error were also determined.

Results. The incidence of citation errors is comparable to those reported
previously. Long reference lists in articles written by a
single author predicted strongly the occurrence of minor citation errors.
Journals with a high impact factor and immediacy
index tend to contain fewer minor mistakes. None of these factors affect the
incidence of major errors.

Conclusion. Contributors to journals should be aware of the various risk
factors for citation errors. Citation accuracy may be
improved by modifying these factors.

Author Keywords:
reference standards, writing standards, journal impact factors, nursing

KeyWords Plus:

Lok CKW, Hong Kong Polytech Univ, Dept Nursing & Hlth Sci, Hung Hom, Hong
Kong, Peoples R China
Hong Kong Polytech Univ, Dept Nursing & Hlth Sci, Hung Hom, Hong Kong,
Peoples R China
Chinese Univ Hong Kong, Prince Wales Hosp, Dept Anaesthesia & Intens Care,
Shatin, Hong Kong, Peoples R China


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