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TITLE           The discourse of research and practice in marketing journals
AUTHOR  Hemais B

 Document type: Article      Language: English      Cited References: 18
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Articles in marketing journals reveal diverse perspectives on market
activity through a discourse that foregrounds research-related issues and:or
product performance and decision-making processes in firms. The distinct
discourses in turn reflect a perceived relationship between author and
reader. This paper addresses the question of how linguistic choices are used
for the construction of a view of marketing activity that corresponds
to the expectations of a particular readership. The paper examines ways of
presenting market activity and compares the rhetorical resources used
for building texts. Three types of journals were distinguished by readership
and by editorial emphasis on either practice or research. Articles in
three journals were analyzed with a grammatical model of sentence subjects
which reveals abstraction and concreteness in texts. Citations were
also analyzed to see how authors present research and researchers and what
the reporting verb choices indicate about authors' commitment to
propositions. An examination of non-linguistic text led to identification of
variable uses of devices for reader engagement with text. Results
indicate separate discourses in terms of conceptuality and concreteness in
grammatical subjects but suggest less clearly defined patterns of
citation. (C) 2000 The American University. Published by Elsevier Science
Ltd. All rights reserved.

Author Keywords:
discourse analysis, research article, grammar, citation analysis, nonverbal

Hemais B, Rua Visc,Caravelas 98,Apto 1207, BR-22271030 Rio De Janeiro, RJ,
Pontificia Univ Catolica Chile, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


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