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TITLE   :       Assessment  of Spanish scientific journals on geology
AUTHOR  Martin-Sempere MJ, Rey-Rocha J, Plaza-Gomez LM
JOURNAL INTERCIENCIA    25: (8) 372-+ NOV 2000

 Document type: Article    Language: English    Cited References: 17  Times
Cited: 0

Spanish Geology journals play an important role in disseminating research
carried out in this geographically oriented discipline, which is largely
involved in territorial aspects of marked local and national interest. In
this paper, an assessment of the Spanish scientific journals on Geology is
reported. The aim of this work is to provided elements for a diagnosis of
the present situation of these domestic journals. The analysis is based ion
indicators that refers to the formal quality, compliance with international
standards, timeliness, composition of the editorial board, and international
dissemination of journals. Presence of funded papers has also been analyzed
as an indicator of journal quality. The present paper is part of a project
aimed to help in the development of a methodology for the assessment of
domestic journals and the role they play in the Spanish R&D system.

Author Keywords:
scientific journals, journal assessment, geology, Spain

Martin-Sempere MJ, C Joaquin Costa 22, Madrid 28002, Spain.
Univ Complutense Madrid, E-28040 Madrid, Spain.
Univ Sheffield, Sheffield S10 2TN, S Yorkshire, England.
Univ Autonoma Madrid, E-28049 Madrid, Spain.


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