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TITLE   :       An analysis of finance journal impact factors
AUTHOR  :       Borokhovich KA, Bricker RJ, Simkins BJ
JOURNAL :       JOURNAL OF FINANCE  55: (3) 1457-1469 JUN 2000

 Document        type: Article    Language: English    Cited References: 9
Times Cited: 0

This paper provides an analysis of the citation counts of articles published
in the leading finance journals. It identifies the determinants of the most
prevalent measure of influence for finance journals, the Social Sciences
Citation Index impact factors. It finds that impact factors are affected by
citations outside the finance field, are not affected by the distribution of
published articles across subfields, and are good predictors of the
long-term citation counts of articles. The citation impact factors are
reduced for both the Journal of Financial Economics and The Journal of
Finance by their publication of other than regular articles.

Borokhovich KA, Cleveland State Univ, Cleveland, OH 44115 USA.
Cleveland State Univ, Cleveland, OH 44115 USA.
Case Western Reserve Univ, Cleveland, OH 44106 USA.
Oklahoma State Univ, Stillwater, OK 74078 USA.


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The  prevalent use of the SSCI impact factor as a means of identifying the
most influential journals in finance appears to be justified.  In the case
of JF, JFE, and RFS, the impact factors are the result of the publication of
articles that are, on average, heavily cited both inside and outside the
field of finance.  Further, the impact factors for JF, JFE, and RFS are not
biased upward because they publish articles in areas of finance that are
more likely articles of short-term interest.  In fact, the results show that
impact  factors are good indicators of longer-term influence.  However, the
impact factor for JF is negatively biased by the shorter papers and
proceedings papers it contains, as is the impact factor for JFE because if
its inclusion of clinical papers.  Based on their full-length articles
alone, JF and JFE would have even higher impact factors.  This evidence is
consistent with the impact factors for the three journals being the result
of influential articles, and not the result of any bias.

 BOROKHOVICH KA        FINANC MANAGE                    28        76
 BOROKHOVICH KA        FINANCIAL PRACTICE E           4       110      1994
 BOROKHOVICH KA        J FINANC                                 50      1691
 BOROKHOVICH KA        J FINANC                                 49       713
 BOROKHOVICH KA        J FINANCIAL ED                   24         8
 FISHE RPH                  J FINANC                                    53
1053     1998
 SCHWERT GW                J FINANC ECON                        33       369
 SWIDLER S                      J FINANC                                53
351      1998

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