PCI branching-out

Sinisa Maricic smaritch at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 3 06:45:46 EST 2001

Dear colleagues,

Bernie Sloan has asked for comments about his "Personal Citation
Index" (http://www.lis.uiuc.edu/~b-sloan/pci2.html). Recent postings
to the SIGMETRICS list left no doubt that it is an idea deserving
serious consideration. The discussion has so far branched-out a good
deal. Perhaps we could agree on labelling further contributions by
the following "sub-section titles":

1. "ISI & PCI". Gene has amply indicated the ISI's stand, but maybe
that "chapter" is still not exhausted.

2. "PCI & books", as proposed by Ronald appears to be of great
interest in furthering the "cyber bibliometrics". The approach is
somewhat specific and further elaborations may be expected.

3. "Individual PCIs" may appear as a tautology. What I have in mind
is the use of the concept for practical needs exclusively by
individuals. Even so, the software announced by Bernie would be of
paramount help.

Permit me to add yet another subsection of particular interest to
scholars at the science periphery:

4. "Public PCIs". The ill-effects of the ISI's citation tools in
science policy at the periphery (see - Maricic S:
Mainstream-periphery science communication Learned Publishing 13/4
2000 266, available at http://www.alpsp.org.uk/volcont.htm)
may be circumvented to a good deal by creating "Public PCIs" for
particular scholarly communities. It goes without saying that here
again a suitable software would be indispensible.

Yours in discourse,
Sinisa (Mac) Maricic

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