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Subject:  "Applications Invited" -- John Metcalfe Visiting Research Grant

Dear Colleagues,

The initial message sent earlier did not contain all the announcement;
hence I will resend it. I have already heard from some of you saying that
the message was not complete.


                      John Metcalfe Visiting Research Grant

 The University of New South Wales, School of Information Systems,
 Technology and Management (SISTM) is offering support for visiting
 researchers to participate and contribute to collaborative research with
 academic staff and postgraduate research candidates in the Information
 Management Program of SISTM.

 The visiting scholar program is centred on the following areas:
 Informetrics (including bibliometrics & scientometrics), web-related
 communications, information retrieval issues and specialized information

 Ideally, Visiting Researchers would participate in and contribute to
 current and proposed studies in the above fields or more broadly in
 information management related topics; they will also work collaboratively
 on publications related to completed studies or projects.

 The Visiting Research Program is for periods between 2

 to 6 months duration.
 This opportunity would be suited to those looking for appropriate
 sabbatical leave or study leave placement. The financial support offered
 is accommodation in a fully furnished apartment close to the campus, and
 on campus, an office with attendant academic infrastructure support.
 Honorariums may be offered for public or academic lectures given by the
 Visitor, as well as for presentations to university workshops or seminars.

 Applicants should have research experience that falls within the general
 field of information science / studies and its various sub-disciplines.
 Applications from prospective Visiting Researchers should indicate
 research experience in the relevant areas above and willingness to
 participate in collaborative research.  Applicants should send (via email
 or snail mail) a current curriculum vita with information relating to
 their academic record, publications and other details of experience and
 skills. Two referees should be nominated together with appropriate contact
 information for them.

 Expressions of interest in the Visiting Research program should be
 addressed to:

 Dr. C. S. (Connie) Wilson,
 Associate Head of School
 School of Information Systems, Technology and Management
 The University of New South Wales
 Phone: + 61 ( 2)  9385 7134             Fax: +61 ( 2) 9662 4061
 Email: c.wilson at unsw.edu.au

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