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TITLE           Citations, age, fame, and the Web
AUTHOR  Landes WM, Posner RA
JOURNAL JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES  29: (1) 319-344, Part 2 JAN 2000

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This paper focuses on the role of age in explaining the ranking of legal
scholars by the number of citations to their scholarship and the
relationship between scholarly and " popular" reputations, with the latter
being proxied by the number of "hits" on the World Wide Web or newspaper
citations. As predicted by human capital theory, nearly 40 percent of the
top 100 legal scholars were between 60 and 86 in 1998. When we turn to
popular reputations, we find that compared to really famous people (such as
President Clinton and former presidents), top legal scholars are not famous
at all. The data also suggest that fame among the larger public is more
unequally distributed than scholarly reputation. We use regression analysis
to study scholarly and public reputation. We find that being a Supreme Court
justice (but not being a judge of any other court) and having had another
high government position (such as solicitor general of the United States)
has a statistically significant effect on one's public but not scholarly
reputation. Overall, we find a small though statistically significant link
between scholarly and public reputation.

Landes WM, Univ Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637 USA.
Univ Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637 USA.


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