1985 Special Memorial Issue of Scientometrics - Tribute to Derek Price (fwd)

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I would love to receive a copy, if of course the box is not already empty.

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Dear Colleagues

In March 1985 a special memorial issue dedicated to Derek Price was
published by Scientometrics.  At that time ISI purchased a large number of
copies for distribution to friends and colleagues.

I recently uncovered several boxes of this issue which contains a great
photograph of Derek and the following list of papers...

Instead of a Preface    137
Derek John de Solla Price Memorial Award        139
Eugene Garfield Wins the 1984 Derek John de Solla Price Award   141
M.      J. Moravcsik (USA): Address at the Presentation of the First Derek
de Solla
          Price Award to Eugene Garfield on December 20, 1984   143
J.      Marton (Hungary): Obsolescence or Immediacy? Evidence Supporting
          Hypothesis    145
A.      Schubert, S. Zsindely, T. Braun (Hungary): Scientometric Indicators
          Evaluating Medical Research Output of Mid-Size Countries      155
M.      J. Moravcsik (USA): Applied Scientometrics: An Assessment
         for Developing Countries       165
          Barbara Stefaniak (Poland): Periodical Literature of Information
Science as
          Reflected in Referativnyj Zhurnal, Section 59, Informatika    177
R.      Todorov (Bulgaria): Distribution of Physics Literature  195
W.      Glänzel, A. Schubert (Hungary): Price Distribution. An Exact
Formulation of
          Price's "Square Root Law"     211
D.      E. Chubin (USA): Beyond Invisible Colleges: Inspirations and
Aspirations of
         Post-1972 Social Studies of Science    221
J. S. Long, R. McGinnis (USA): Teaching Sponsorship and Collaboration. The
          Effects of the Mentor on the Academic Career  255
J.      Irvine, B. R. Martin (UK): Evaluating Big Science: CERN's Past
         and Future Prospects   281
G.      M. Dobrov, V. E. Tonkal (USSR): Comparative Analysis and Estimation
         Competence of Research Units   309
M.      Kochen, J. Lansing (USA): On Maps for Discovery: Did the Periodic
         Guide Elemental Discovery? .   327
C.      Mombers, A. Van Heeringen, R. Van Venetiö, C. Le Pair (The
          Displaying Strengths and Weaknesses in National R&D Performance
         Through Document Cocitation    341
N.      C. Mullins (USA): Invisible Colleges as Science Elites  357
F.      Narin, E. Noma (USA): Is Technology Becoming Science?   369
Elizabeth Smith Aversa (USA): Citation Patterns of Highly Cited Papers and
         Their Relationship to Literature Aging: A Study of the Working
Literature      383
H.      Small, E. Sweeney (USA): Clustering the Science Citation Index®
         Co-citations I. A Comparison of Methods        391
H.      1. Christovão (Brasil): The Aging of the Literature of Biomedical
Sciences in
    Developed and Developing Countries     411
Suzan E. Cozzens (USA): Using the Archive: Derek Price's Theory of
    among the Sciences  431
S. Cole, G. S. Meyer (USA): Little Science, Big Science Revisited       443
A. I. Yablonsky (USSR): Stable Non-Gaussian Distributions in Scientometrics
M. Bonitz (GDR): Journal Ranking by Selective Impact, New Method Based on
    SDI Results and Journal Impact Factors      471
E. Garfield (USA): In Tribute to Derek John de Solla Price: A Citation
    of Little Science, Big Science      487
J. VIachy (Czechoslovakia): Citation Histories of Scientific Publications.
     Data Sources       505
Short Communication     529
T.      Braun, S. Zsindely ,(Hungary): Growth of Scientific Literature and
        Barnaby Rich Effect     529

I would be happy to send out gratis copies of this issue on a
first-come-first-serve basis to members of the SIG-Metrics group.
Please send me your postal address with your request.

Best wishes,
Gene Garfield

Eugene Garfield, Ph.D.
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