ART: Leysdorff, Measuring the triple helix at the Internet

Gretchen Whitney gwhitney at UTKUX.UTCC.UTK.EDU
Mon May 1 18:22:13 EDT 2000

Loet Leydesdorff & Michael Curran,  Measuring the Triple Helix at the
Internet, Paper to be presented at the Third Triple
Helix Conference, Rio de Janeiro, 26-29 April 2000. Draft version

author website:
author email: loet at

>From the abstract:

University-industry-government relations can be indicated by using
advanced search engines at the Internet. This methodology provides us with
a wealth of opportunities, including the construction of time series, the
comparison among nations, the distinction between the use of national
languages versus English, mapping relational patterns, etc. In this study
at the occasion of the Third Triple Helix Conference in Rio de Janiero
(April 2000), we focus on the comparison between Brazil and The
Netherlands, with reference to an international baseline. In addition to
studying the different domains and university-industry-government
relations therewithin, we analyze, among other things, the role of the
respective (national) languages.

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