ART: Scharnhorst, Evolution in Adaptive Landscapes

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Wed Jun 28 17:56:17 EDT 2000

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 23:25:30 +0200
From: Andrea Scharnhorst <as at>

Andrea Scharnhorst
Evolution in Adaptive Landscapes - Examples of Science and Technology
WZB Discussion Paper FS 11 00-302. Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fur
Sozialforschung, 2000.   ISSN: 1011-9523.
For the full text (pdf-format) in English see:

In science and technology studies it is very common to describe
structure formation and structure development by using spatial
representations. Maps  of such knowledge landscapes allow the dynamic
character of the research processes to be visualized.

In this paper, we discuss how concepts, methods and mathematical models
that allow the dynamics and the evolution of complex systems to be
described can be applied to this area. A special approach is considered,
which we call "geometrically oriented evolution theory" (G_O_E_THE).
First steps towards implementing this new method in the context of the
development of national science systems are discussed.

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