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You had expressed interest in eCommerce resources.  As an infomation professional you will find the following courses from our eCommerce Program of interest.

1.  Information Design

Information design is the study of how information can be organized and presented so that it can be easily accessed and understood.
This course examines the fundamentals of information design, as well as different theories relating to information communication. Topics will include: types of information (verbal, visual, metaphoric, narrative, etc.); information design strategies; information classification; graphic design; scientific visualization; the design of instructions; information design in media and advertising; and information design in the entertainment industry.

The course is especially useful for trainers, information officers and managers, media designers, graphic designers and others who seek to deploy information effectively and productively.  Developed and facilitated by Dr. Hilary McLellan (Empire State College, SUNY and McLellan Wyatt Digital).

2.  eHuman Resource Management is an online courses for HR professionals who wish to understand how to use the Internet/World Wide Web in managing the Human Resources function in organizations. Everything from selection and hiring, performance evaluation, and training can be facilitated with Web tools. Many companies are using the Internet/WWW to reduce the cost of human resource management tasks and do them more efficiently. You can learn from the examples of these companies and develop Web based HR strategies for your own company. Developed by Dr. Paul Shrivastava (Bucknell University) and Dr. Charles Wankel (St. John's University). See description at:

3. eLearning and Web Based Training is a course developed by Brooke Broadbent whose book on this topic is forthcoming from ASTD Press.  This course introduces e-learning to people who are looking for answers about the what, why and how of e-learning. It is an introductory course.  It is focused on issues, not on technology. It will help you understand:
What e-learning is--through your personal participation.
The vast possibilities of e-learning.
The strengths and weaknesses of e-learning.
The role that e-learning could play for you and your organization.
The resources that are available for e-learning.
How to develop and implement e-learning successfully.

The course is especially useful for faculty, trainers, administrators and managers, embarking on e-learning education, training and information initiatives in their organizations.

Each course is 10-12 weeks flex timed, limited to 20 participants per class, intensive interactions via Bulletin Board, Email, and Chatroom.  Cost is $795 per person, and discounted price is available for academic and non-profit sector participants.

Please call Kristian Pascoli at 800-469-0684 or 610-770-8946, Fax 610-770-1043, for more information.

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