ART: Boudourides, Webometrics and the Self-Organization of the European Information Society

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Bourdourides, Moses A.; Sigrist, Beatrice; Alevizos, Philippos D.
Webometrics and the Self-Organization of the European Information Society
Rome Meeting, SOEIST Project ( June 1999

"ABSTRACT: Virtual space is a concrete material development of the
information society. What could be revealed about this social structure?
In parallel to bibliometrics and scientometrics, the first technique
applied to books, the second to scientific articles, we explore
webometrics as a methodology for the World-Wide Web. We will first present
the technique and show how it can be used and then provide the European
and the global information society as two examples in order to illustrate
the methodology of webometrics. Moreover, we demonstrate the
"triple-helix-ness", that means the inter-relationship and connectivity
between universities, governements and industries in both Europe and in
the US. Among others, we conlcude that for the US governement is by far
the most triple-helixed, while it seems that for Europe universities are
the most triple-helixed."

[n.b. Based on analysis conducted via searches in Alta-Vista. Interesting
justification of how to take informetrics approaches to the Web.]

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