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Dear Gretchen:

First I want to tell you how I appreciate what you are doing for our
SIGMETRICS group.  Secondly I am senting my biography Dr. Garfield
mentioned we should mail in.  See below.  Lastly I shall be retiring from
my job sometime in March.  As long as I can afford to travel to the East
Coast, I hope to be involved with ASIS.

I don't know if you have any program ideas, but I would like to hear more
about the Los Alamos project with citation linking and words in context.  I
have noted there are several papers on it.  Also it would seem  the Web of
Science would fit into a program like this.

Of course, you and the others may have some far more appropriate ideas, but
I thought I would merely make a suggestion.

Eileen Pritchard

webact at

Eileen Pritchard is the founder and CEO of Web-Action Design Home Page
Designs and Consulting.  She holds a B. A. in Biological Sciences.  Her
Ph.D. in Botany is from the University of Kansas and Masters in
Librarianship from Emporia State University.  She is the first author
'Literature Searching in Science, Technology and Agriculture', of both
editions published by Greenwood Press.  Her research concerns the value of
online archived papers for scholarly publishing and maintaining 'core
journal titles' to benefit the user.  Eileen taught Biological Sciences at
Northern Arizona University and worked on California's Central Coast at the
California Polytechnic State University as a science reference and science
collections librarian.  Her special interests are science information, the
ways scientists document their research, and future innovations of
scholarly publishing.  She continues to be fascinated by explorations of
information scientists to better visualize concepts and trends of scholarly
publishing in science, technology, and medicine.

E E Pritchard
4350 Sunflower Way
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

webact at
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