SIGMETRICS Digest - 10 Aug 2000 to 11 Aug 2000 (#2000-117)

Sinisa Maricic smaritch at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 16 06:03:22 EDT 2000

Hi, SIGMET List members,

Below is the comment by Gene (Garfield) of my posting in the
SIGMETRICS Digest #2000-116 (for 7-10 Aug 2000). In it, I agreed with
Quentin L. Burrell that discussion proper is lacking on our List. I
then copied my suggestion to the List for a topic of a year ago. Now
I see Gene missed (again) completely my main point, which is, to my
mind, of quite a general interest (very practical. though). That is
why I address the List as well and not only Gene himself.

> Date:    Fri, 11 Aug 2000 20:22:26 -0700
> From:    Eugene Garfield
> Subject: Re: SIGMETRICS Digest - 7 Aug 2000 to 10 Aug 2000
>          (#2000-116)
> Let me reiterate-- if any one knows of articles
> appearing outside of the set of journals that we can
> follow easily then by all means submit them to SIGMET.
> No one has ever suggested that do not consider them
> relevant. However, you cannot expect me to do all this
> myself. You are free to express your opinions on any
> of the material we locate, but we cannot force people
> to comment. Best wishes. Eugene Garfield

I was NOT asking for more coverage of any particular articles. I even
indicated that a paper of ours from this side of the Atlantic and the
outskirts of Europe has recently been mentioned on the List.

However, my MAIN POINT is that I have  proposed setting up a regular
annual 'Extra-CI' directory, which would indicate those publications
from the peripheral scientific communities which have been considered
to have some importance by having been cited through the regular
Citation Indexes journals pool (selected by ISI, that is). Such a
directory should register at least the titles of those "extra-CI"
journals, but, of course, more useful would be to indicate  also how
many times such journals had been cited in the relevant year.

Anyone interested in the idea is welcome to comment (or ask

Yours in discourse,

Sinisa (Maricic), Ph.D.(Chem)
Poljicka 12/D-419, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
email: smaritch at

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