Dr. Ronald N. Kostoff to speak at ASIS Annual Meeting

D. Bedford dbedford at WORLDBANK.ORG
Fri Oct 29 13:01:28 EDT 1999


     I would like to bring to your attention a presentation at the ASIS 99
Annual Conference by Dr. Ronald N. Kostoff (Office of Naval Research) on
Wednesday, November 3 at 1:30 pm.   Dr. Kostoff's work has been cited on this
listserv in the past few months.

     Dr. Kostoff's name and presentation do not appear in the program due to a
missed deadline on my part.   The program title is Text Categorization, Text
Routing and Text Extraction, sponsored by SIG ALP.   Dr. Kostoff's presentation
is entitled:  Textual Data Mining:  Lessons Learned.    It will be a very
interesting and stimulating presentation - I hope you will join us if you are
coming to ASIS.

     Best regards,
     Denise Bedford
     Chair, ASIS SIG ALP
     Information Officer
     The World Bank
     Washington DC

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