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AUTHOR:  Weller AC, Hurd JM, Wiberley SE
TITLE           Publication patterns of US academic librarians from 1993 to
JOURNAL         COLL RES LIBR 60: (4) 352-362 JUL 1999

Abstract:       This study examined the contribution to the peer-reviewed
literature of library and information science by practicing academic
librarians in the United States.  Data on authors were obtained from
articles published from 1993 to 1997 in 32 journals.  Of 3,624 peer-reiewed
articles in these journals, 1579(43.6%) were authored by at least one
practicing academic librarian.  These librarians represented 386
institutions of higher education.  This study provides benchmark data for
publication productivity of academic librarians and identifies a core list
of peer-reviewed journals for them.  Approximately six percent of these
librarians wrote three or more articles in the five-year period.  In
nineteen journals one-third or more of the articles were authored by
academic librarians.  Libraries from Research 1 universities that were
members of the Association for Research Libraries were the most productive.
The contribution of practicing academic librarians to the literature of
their field is significant.

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