ABS: Hall, Mapping the literature of perfusion

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    TI: Mapping the literature of perfusion.
    AU: Hall-EF
    SO: Bull-Med-Libr-Assoc. 1999 Jul; 87(3): 305-11.
    ISSN: 0025-7338

    AB: Perfusionists select and operate the equipment necessary for
monitoring, supporting, or temporarily replacing the patient's circulatory
or respiratory function. There are over 3,000 perfusionists working in
U.S. hospitals, medical and perfusionist groups, and as independent
contractors. The purpose of this study was to identify the core literature
of perfusion and to determine which major databases provide the
most thorough access to this literature. This paper is part of the
Medical Library Association Nursing and Allied Health Resource Section's
project to map the literature of the allied health professions. It uses a
bibliometric methodology to identify core journals. A group of
forty-three journals was determined to make up the core journal literature
of perfusion. MEDLINE provided the best overall indexing coverage
for these journals, but librarians and perfusionists will wish to
supplement its use with the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health
Literature in order to access the journals written primarily for
perfusionists. The study results can guide purchasing and database
searching decisions of collection development and reference librarians,
encourage the database producer to increase coverage of titles that
are unindexed or underindexed, and advise perfusionists of the best
access to their core literature.
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