KM/RM Metrics & Incentives

Owen Ambur ambur at EROLS.COM
Mon Nov 8 01:57:45 EST 1999

This is in follow-up to my conversations with a few folks at the KM and
MET SIG tables at the ASIS conference last week.  My interest is in
metrics (as well as incentives) for the contributions of individuals and
groups to the knowledge stores not only of organizations but of
humankind -- with a particular focus on the electronic records created
(or received) by government employees.

A brief, draft introduction to the topic is at and a number of my papers on
related issues are at  In many cases, I
suspect that incentives are lacking, if not perverse.

I encourage the KM and MET SIGs to consider joint ventures in pursuit of
standards and best practices to stimulate (establish appropriate
incentives for) and to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the
management of knowledge, particularly that which is documented in
electronic records.

Of course, too, I would be pleased to hear about any good research that
has been done on this topic.

Owen Ambur
Silver Spring, MD

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