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Interesting articles outside the mainstream LIS-literature

Compiled by Ronald Rousseau

Abt, Helmut A.
Why some papers have long citation lifetimes.
Nature (1998), 395, 756-757.

Adams, Jonathan
Benchmarking international research.
Nature (1998), 396, 615-618.

Bador, Pascal et Petit, Olivier Facteur d'impact et indexation dans les
bases de donnes bibliographiques: comparaison de ces deux critres de
qualit pour l'valuation des revues pharmaceutiques. Journal de Pharmacie
Belge (1998), 53(2), 71-80

Barnaby, Douglas P. and Gallagher, E. John Alternative to the Science
Citation Index impact factor as an assessment of emergency medicine's
scientific contributions Annals of Emergency Medicine, (1998), 31(1),

Burch, Hal and Cheswick, Bill Mapping the Internet Computer (1999) 32(4),
see also  http:/

Cheng, Chun Hung, Kumar, Ashok, Motwani Jaideep, Reisman, Arnoldf and
Madan, Manu A citation analysis of the technology innovation management
journals. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (1999), 46(1) 4-13

Clever Project Team, including David Gibson, Jon Kleinberg and Prabhakar
Raghavan Hypersearching the Web Scientific American, June 1999

Egghe, Leo An application of martingales in the limit to a problem in
information science Mathematical and Computer Modelling (1999) 29, 13-18.

Egghe, Leo The evolution of core collections can be described via Banach
space valued stochastic processes. Mathematical and Computer Modelling
(1998), 28(9), 11-17

Gallagher, E. John and Barnaby, Douglas P. Evidence of methodological bias
in the derivation of the Science Citation Index impact factor Annals of
Emergency Medicine (1998) 31(1), 83-86

Garcia-Lpez, J.A. Bibliometric analysis of Spanish scientific publications
on tobacco use during the period 1970-1996 European Journal of
epidemiology, (1999), 15, 23-28.

Harris, Noel C. It's time to 'out' the selfish researchers Nature (1999)
398, p. 102

Huber, John C. Invention and inventivity as a special kind of creativity,
with implications for general creativity Journal of Creative behavior
(1998) 32, 58-72

Huber, John C. Invention and inventivity is a random, Poisson process: a
potential guide to analysis of general creativity. Creativity Research
Journal (1998) 11(3), 231-241.

Marsili, Matteo and Zhang, Yi-Cheng Interacting individuals leading to
Zipf's law Physical review Letters (1998) 80(12), 2741-2744

Nijssen, David; Rousseau, Ronald and Van Hecke, Piet The Lorenz curve: a
graphical representation of evenness Coenoses (1998) 13(1) 33-38

Ormerod, Richard and Kiossis, Ioannis OR/MS publications: extension of the
analysis of U.S. flagship journals to the United Kingdom Operations
Research (1997) 45(2), 178-187.

Ramsden, J.J. and Vohradsky, J. Zipf-like behavior in procaryotic protein
expression Physical Review E (1998), 58(6), 7777-7780

Redner, Sydney How popular is your paper? An empirical study of the
citation distribution The European Physical Journal B (1998) 4, 131-134

Rutkowski, Anthony Dimensioning the Internet: July 1998 data IEEE Internet
Computing (1998) 2(5), p. 9

Shontz, David Effect of fines on length of checkout and overdues in a
medical library Bulletin of the Medical Library Association (1999) 87(1),

Van Bakel, Bas; Boon, Reinier, Mars, Nicolaas; Nijhuis, Jeroen, Oltmans,
Erik and Van der Vet, Paul The Condorcet project: indexing scientific
documents In: Informatiewetenschap 1998 (E. De Smet, ed.), 77-87

Van der Meulen, Barend Science policy as principal-agent games.
Internationalization and path dependency in the relation between
government and science Research Policy (1998), 27, 397-414

Ronald Rousseau
dr mathematics, dr information science
Associate Professor
KHBO, Dep. Industrial Sciences and Technology
Zeedijk 101,  B-8400  Oostende Belgium
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[n.b. Reprinted with permission. --gw]

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