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Author(s):  Leydesdorff L; Wouters P
Title:  Between texts and contexts: Advances in theories of citation? (a
Source:  SCIENTOMETRICS 1999, Vol 44, Iss 2, pp 169-182
Addresses:  Leydesdorff L, Sci & Technol Dynam, Nieuwe Achtergracht 166,
NL-1018 WV Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Sci & Technol Dynam, NL-1018 WV Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Abstract:  Scientific literature is expected to contain a body of
knowledge that can be indexed and retrieved using references and
citations. References are subtexts which refer to a supertext, that is,
the body of scientific literature. The Science Citation Index has provided
an electronic representation of science at the supertextual level by
aggregating the subtextual citations. As the supertext, however, becomes
independently available in virtual reality (as a "hypertext"), subtext and
supertext become increasingly different contexts. The dynamics of
hyperlinks are expected to feedback on the system of indexing,
referencing, and retrieval at the level of research practices. References
can be considered as part of the retention mechanism of this evolving
system of scientific communication, and citations are a codified form of

Source item page count:  14
Publication Date:  FEB
IDS No.:  171UM
29-char source abbrev:  SCIENTOMETRICS

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