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Hi, sigmetricians,

This discussion about the "impact factor & small fields" may serve
as an example for a "thread", almost selfcontained. In that respect
it might induce others to join in for some time, and from that point
of view Professor Takashi did well to let us all know about his
response. (It appears it is good if the technology does not function
perfectly, sometimes.)

S. Maricic

---Ken Takahashi  wrote:
> May I respond to Dr Johannes Stegmann's comments on our letter on
> alternative to journal impact factors"?
> Comments #2 and #3 are acceptable.  I would like to comment on #1.

..................the comments deleted here by

> By the way, I could not use the REPLY function in the homepage, so
I am
> sending out my response to the listserv itself.  I appologize if
> is causing inconvenience for some people.
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