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Author(s):  Pantel J; Mundt C
Title:  The evaluation of research performance in psychiatry. Potential
pitfalls of bibliometric analysis
Source:  NERVENARZT 1999, Vol 70, Iss 3, pp 281-287
Addresses:  Mundt C, Univ Heidelberg, Psychiat Klin, Vossstr 4, D-69115
Heidelberg, Germany.
Univ Heidelberg, Psychiat Klin, D-69115 Heidelberg, Germany.

Author Keywords:  research performance; evaluation; impact factor;
psychiatric research; scientometrics

Abstract:  ecent scientific and economic developments have emphasized the
need far objective and operationalized criteria for the evaluation of
collective and individual research performance. In this context the
present article discusses the possibilities and limitations of
bibliometric analysis in the evaluation of psychiatric research. Taking
into account recent scientometric knowledge,the potentials and pitfalls of
the so called impact factor are critically discussed with respect to its
usefulness in the evaluation of psychiatric research performance in
Germany. A major criticism arises from the observation that the
unreflecting use of the impact factor may overemphasize quantitative
aspects to the disadvantage of qualitative aspects of research. This may
however lead to unwanted distortions and misjudgements. The critical
analysis of the current use of scientometric indices in the evaluation
process emphasizes the need for alternative criteria,which should take
into account disciplinary as well as national idiosyncrasis. Accordingly,
the authors aim to induce and contribute to a discussion process within
the scientific community, which may lead To a more appropriate evaluation
of psychiatric research performance.

Source item page count:  7
Publication Date:  MAR
IDS No.:  181DY
29-char source abbrev:  NERVENARZT

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