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AU Kretschmer, H
TI Reflections of social psychology in the journal Zeitschrift fur
LA German
C1 Borgsdorfer Str 5, D-16540 Hohen Neuendorf, Germany.
   Free Univ Berlin, Inst Entwicklungspsychol Sozialpsychol &
   Methoden, D-1000 Berlin, Germany.
DE social interaction; graduated structural parameter;
   coauthorship network; non-linearity; bibliometrics
AB In the literature a number of empirical findings report on the
   pattern of social relations which in general arise
   coincidentally more frequently between similar persons (Birds
of a feather nock together). But with increasing distance the
   preference between the persons is diminishing. Here similarity
   can be predicated on a variety of characteristics. This study
 is to document that the number of publications of authors that
   appeared in the Zeitschrift fur Sozialpsychologie within the
   period from 1970 to 1993 has qualified as such a
   characteristic. In this case the distance between the authors
   is commensurate with the logarithm of the number of
   publications. The relative frequency of observed coauthorships
   between authors with i and j publications per author serves as
   a non-linear function of the difference between the logarithm
   of i and j. This non-linear function is also validly applicable
   to other coauthorship networks such as to physicists.
BP 307
EP 324
PG 18
JI Z. Soz. Psychol.
PY 1998
VL 29
IS 4
GA 150LW
RP Kretschmer H

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