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AU Ejarque, JH
   Lluch, JO
   Munoz, J
   Lopez, S
TI The publication of cardiology books in Spain. Bibliometric
LA Spanish
C1 Clin Quiron de Valencia, Serv Cardiol, Avda Blasco Ibanez 14,
   Valencia 46010, Spain.
   Clin Quiron de Valencia, Serv Cardiol, Valencia 46010, Spain.
   Univ Valencia, CSIC, Inst Estudios Documentales & Hist Ciencia,
   E-46003 Valencia, Spain.
   Hosp Clin Valencia, Serv Cardiol, Valencia, Spain.
   Clin Quiron de Valencia, Serv Alergia, Valencia 46010, Spain.
DE cardiology; books; ISBN; bibliometrics; Spain
AB Introduction and objectives. We analyze Spanish production of
   cardiology books published in Spain and put together in the
   database ISBN between 1988 and 1997. Material and methods. For
   every book various things are considered: author, year of
   publication, ISBN classification, language, place published and
   publishers were analyzed. Results. There are 565 books analyzed
   which are classified in the database under 27 different
   classes. The principal class is "General pathology. Clinical
 Medicine. Therapeutics" with 346 books. The places in which
   most books were published was Barcelona (46.90%) and Madrid
   (38.41%). The publishing houses were the ones which published
   more books (64.07%). 79.46 per cent of the books were
   originally written in Spanish, with at 20.54 per cent which
   were translated into by other languages. The ones that were
   translated were principally English (78.45%) and German
   (14.66%). Conclusions. These results confirm the tendency
   observed in other projects and indicate the increase of Spanish
   publications on cardiology, this is observed over the years.
   Although, in the years 1996 and 1997 we observe a slight
   decrease, that we will have to continue analysing with
   posterior studies to this one; to see if it is an isolated fact
   or a tendency to the diminution of the production of books
   published in our country, as a consequence of the evolution of
   works hn other type of supports.
BP 261
EP 268
PG 8
JI Rev. Esp. Cardiol.
PY 1999
VL 52
IS 4
GA 179VB
RP Ejarque JH

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